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April 22, 2008
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Leopard Transformation Kit by vladimir0523 Leopard Transformation Kit by vladimir0523
Leopard transformation kit:

Aero vista and Leopard cursor set

Is the gear which simulates Mac OS taskbar. It is very nice tool with transparency support.

Hide Recycle Bin (reg keys):
Hide recycle is for the folks which are using XP, like me. Whit those reg keys you will be able to hide/unhide recycle icon from your desktop. Binopt.reg will bring you additional option in folder options for showing/hide recycle bin icon.

Isafari_leopard is slightly modified theme for Firefox browser. I was made some changes in the style, also fixed options menu issue…

Leopard theme:
Check the latest Leopard VS here:[link]

It is slightly modified Leopard theme for the Styler. I was changed just a few options and icons, since there is no cover flow in XP…

Reflective dock icons:
A small set of my most used reflective icons for the RK launcher…
You can download RK launcher from this location: [link]

Task Bar Transparent:
Just a simple program for taskbar transparency…

Very interesting gear which simulates Vista 3D flip and MAC expose.

Leopard skin for TrueTransparency: [link]

Simulate MAC OS spotlight search engine

Add shadows under windows and menus



I forgot to mention tclock which is also one of the features I was using here...

You can download it from here: [link]

And Yahoo widgets you'll find on this location:
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xmizer Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2011
I Love All Of Your Works!
Maniac1700 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
First, thanks so much for making this kit. It has really simplified the process of making my computer prettier.

In the MacSearch v1.4.3 folder there are three .exe files: Locate.exe, MacSearch.exe, MacSearchTrigger.exe, and Updtdb32.exe. Pardon my ignorance, but does this program need to be installed? If so, how can I uninstall it? Which .exe executes the program, or is it just a resource used by other elements in the transformation kit?

In my defense, I've googled this thing to death with no luck, and there's no readme for this element. I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide.

Thanks again for the upload!
vladimir0523 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
All you need to do is to extract all files on some place and then just start macsearch.exe. If you want to make it run with windows just place shortcut in startup folder. That's all...
Maniac1700 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
Ok, thanks a bunch. Keep up the great work!
Doppelherzchen Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2009
Wich Font I need for the Clock? And I've a terible Backgroundcolor behind the Clock :(
vladimir0523 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Lucida Sans or Grande... And for clock background you must find in settings option for transparent background, or something like that... I can't remember anymore...
noide0404 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2009
ok help plz i want to use it can u tell m hopw plz
vladimir0523 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I’m not sure that I understand what’s troubling you?

But you should check other styles of mine if you didn’t do that! Perhaps there you’ll find what you need! Also check comments of other people!

And thanks for using my styles! ;)
noide0404 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2009
I cant get the dock could you help me on how to install it or ist not apart of hte kit
vladimir0523 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
The dock is not part of the kit, because it's not mine piece of work. It is a rk launcher ivista leopard dock, so try Google search... :D
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